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I’m not here to talk about SEO, business models or camera settings. I’m here to teach you everything I know about unleashing your creative expression and confidence.

To achieve your dreams you must master one thing first; your mind. Your mind is the key that grants (or denies) you access to your innate creativity. Understanding the nature of thought and creativity – and learning how to optimise yourself for it – will supercharge not only your business, but your entire life. We will delve into the deepest secrets of creativity – and the nature of reality – to reprogram the way you see not only yourself, but the universe you live in. Everything is based on solid scientific data, much of it new and not yet known to the masses. It’s absolutely incredible!

With this new creative channel within you, you’ll need some core techniques. We’ll be covering that too. I’ll share everything I know about the best lighting, compositional and portrait techniques. I’ve spent years honing these down, and I can deliver them to you in a single intensive day. bring a notepad, there’s a lot to take in :¬)

We’ll go out and shoot together to practise these techniques (first I demonstrate them, then you have a pop yourself – so bring your camera and preferably a 35mm lens), then we’ll edit a selection of my shots live, using Lightroom. I’ll explain how I edit, down to the finest detail, and you’ll be very surprised how easy it is. The trick to Lightroom editing it to use as little as possible. Very fast, very efficient, very effective.


Monday October 22nd – Master Class Day at #ExperienceARC
Location of this Master Class: TBD (Vancouver, BC – Canada)
This class is open to the public.
Ticket holders for our 3 Day Conference can save $100 on each Master Class.

If you would like to attend, please head to for more information.

This class:
Full Day [7 Hours] // 9am – 5pm
Max: 15 Places

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